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I am a 24 years old straight single man living in Foley, Alabama

bored and looking for fun.

muscular single guy, work 40 hour weeks, and am also in the Army National Guard. I like em in all sizes, but prefer the skinny and petite ones. dont be shy, i answer every message sent. it may not be the answer you want but it will be an answer. Im 5 foot 8.5", brown and extremely short hair. no tattoos (yet) and no piercings. just a few scars. i have really thick and muscular legs and calves. broad shoulders. handsome, but not pretty. A few ppl have mentioned that i look like a cross between vin diesel and adam sandler. hahaha, its comical, but i didnt make it up, thats what im told. probably isnt true, but hey, its a start. =)

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