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Hi, my name is Genevieve & I thought I'd drop you a note to see if maybe you have an interest in someone who, while kinky, is very educated, pretty (Natural shoulder length Redhead, 5�5� TG Fem), who has lived as a woman for many years....And yes, I always pass as a woman, with or without makeup�..So, don�t be concerned on that score. Further, I dress properly in public, always skirts or dresses, never jeans and flip flops, as I�ve worked as a woman for many years�..On the other hand, I can dress to suit your specific needs, regardless, as you may require��(I have an exotic wardrobe as well) I'm very gentle, well educated and interesting as well. I am also educated in most sexual cultures, but require very, very strict Victorian and Draconian handling�(I am capable of enduring severe topical/corporal training and/or the deepest invasive treatment from yourself, significant other or group.) In other words, I�m at your mercy. In addition, I have perfected the art of penis worship, especially if un-cut but any size or shape will do�.Vaginal worship is also a specialty of mine�.as well as being the total toilet slave�.(You�d be surprised at what I would give up for the right relationship�.For perhaps my owner to wear as an earring or pendent, after plating )�.. If you think you might be interested in meeting for a cup of coffee or a drink to get to know each other, drop me a line. Please remember, you aren't required to live up to my needs, but I, on the other hand, am required to live up to yours, whatever your tastes, whenever you require! Merci, Genevieve

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