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I am a 27 years old bisexual single woman living in Rockaway, New Jersey

I'm a fuck up, but baby you are a god damned tragedy.

I am feisty, opinionated, stubborn, adventurous and somewhat of a dreamer at heart. Not to mention a hopeless romantic stuck in a world that romance seems to have been forgotten. I have a bizarre sense of humor and find the oddest things amusing. I love: good food, great wine, and fabulous conversation. I love gorgeous sunsets where the sky is filled with magentas and soft glowing orange hues that you just get lost in them. I am quite happy just staying at home having dinner parties or a bbq with close friends. Literature and film, nothing like a good book or dvd with chocolate or a large bowl of yummy popcorn. Mystery, faerytales, candlelight, moonlit walks on the beach, roses, autumn - when the world is filled with gorgeous golden hues, spring - when all the flowers come out its so beautiful.

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