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I am a 67 years old straight single man living in Pensacola, Florida

I will be a gentleman, until you tell me different.

I am 193 lbs., and need to lose 10 of it, plus thinning on top. Walking the beach, exercising a little, swimming and snorkeling is not enough activity for me, so I must meet you. I am a Professional looking Businessman and own my company. I can take time off anytime. I will be DISCRETE and your ESCORT, LOVER, maybe later HUSBAND! I have a little house less than 2 miles north of the Gulf beach. You can stop in for a nooner, over-nighter or a short vacation. Lets exchange some more information and pictures of our selves. Later, we can askand answer the more important questions in privacy. I have never has a STD, have you? I will be a gentleman, until you tell me different. No, smokers. I have been schooled and tested in Acupressure, Reflexology and a type of Massage. I took the group of classes to help myself and others, to release our anxiety, stress and tension. I have combined many �parts� of the above 3 arts into my own procedures and labeled it �Soft Style Massage�. I have helped many individuals during our nude or semi-nude sessions, by giving her GREAT COMFORT and PLEASURABLE TOUCHING! What do you want to INDULGENCE in? I will work hard to please. PLEASURABLE TOUCHING! Let's get together, soon.

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